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Are Coach Handbags Worth The Money?

By Lee MacRae

Designer handbags are all the rage these days. Just about everyone like your aunt or your sister in law wants a handbag by Caterina Lucchi. Yet, when you consider the money you may have to pay for a designer handbag, the obvious question is, are they worth the money?

It's obvious that most people today want to spend their money wisely. They need to know if a Etienne Aigner purse or bag is worth the expanse. Will they get full value in return? Well, the answer is yes. And the reasons why?

The very simple reason is designer purse or handbag are usually made from quality materials. A bag or purse by Guess will normally only use leather that is top grade, that is supple, beautiful and long lasting. So, While you may be paying for the name of the label, you will also be paying for fine quality. Still wondering?

Here is a hint, fine leather bags have a fine lining. Cheaper handbags will not. Makers of lower grade products look for every possible way to keep costs down. As a result, you will find cheaper linings and even cheaper hardware. They will wear out and fall apart in no time. Full-grain leather is made from the finest natural hides with no imperfections. These top grain leather's are extremely durable. It is long-lasting and over time, develops a rich patina that increases natural beauty. Full-grained handbags are usually created from the hides of young cattle and have extremely smooth texture, and very fine quality.

To sum up, even though a handbag by Prada or Dolce and Gabbana ,may seem expensive, what you are buying is a top quality product and it will last you for many years. Buy a designer handbag today.

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The latest and stylish selections of some of the designer handbags from Gucci, Chanel, D&G are exclusive and include jewelled purses, rhinestone studs, western looks, patchwork and leather. Exhibiting an enticing and unique amalgamation of the tradition and contemporary, each product offered by these designers is created to add a new dimension to your personality! Evening bags, fine leather purses, stylish recycled handbags, slings and totes and even traditional weaves are all a part of the designer handbag collection offered by Gucci, Chanel and the likes.
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In the United States a Coach handbag is also called a purse, while in the United Kingdom a purse more often refers to a smaller device used primary to carry money. A handbag in both countries is usually large enough to carry a woman�s wallet, keys, lipstick, checkbook and various items that women tend to carry around with them on a regular basis.
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Believe it or not, you can find some great deals when looking for a discount authentic Gucci handbag that may surprise you. They make high quality handbags, totes, purses, and messenger bags for all occasions. You can wear these distinctive handbags to work or out to a fancy dinner. A designer purse of this quality never goes out of style.
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